I know you want to speak German like a local…

…not because you have ambitions of being a German scholar, but because you want to be able to better participate in the local community.
By improving your ability to speak in German, you’ll no longer be limited to the English-speaking expat community.
You’ll also have a better understanding of the local culture, make German-speaking friends, and even open doors to future career growth.

If you’re looking for an authentic German language-learning experience and rapid improvement, you’re in the right place.

My name is Claudia, and I’m the founder of myGermanAcademy (or myGA for short).

I’ve been there myself, in Spain…not being able to integrate with locals, struggling to communicate in basic scenarios (like at the supermarket), scared of making mistakes, getting responses back in English every time I tried to speak in Spanish…

…ooh, it’s rough.

I missed out on many opportunities to practice the foreign language…because I was too shy, too self-conscious and felt like everyone spoke English better than I spoke Spanish. In fact, most people I encountered in Spain thought I was an introvert because I could barely get one sentence out of my mouth. (I happen to be VERY extroverted.)

..until I discovered the secret to improving my language skills quickly.


What happened next?



I became more comfortable and confident in my job because I was able to speak with my coworkers.


I received many compliments on my Spanish, and likewise became more motivated to speak more and improve my Spanish.


I was able to better socialize, which facilitated the opportunity to hang out with locals. I was finally capable of stop all the small talk and speak about topics I was genuinely interested in, making real friends.


It was like magic!

I had discovered how to escape the 100% ex-pat life and actually integrate into the local Spanish community.

It was this experience that inspired me to create MyGermanAcademy, so I could help expats in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland better assimilate into the local community. Using our proprietary language acquisition techniques, myGA’s Guided Immersion Method, we can help you improve your German quickly.




I have been a certified German teacher for over fours years. I am passionate and willing to commit to YOUR success in learning German! I make the following promise to you:

I am convinced that learning German should indeed be fun and useful to you straight away. I deliver quality by teaching hands-on lessons. By that I mean that there won’t be one class without you not knowing what you did this for. I encourage you to use what you learned right away – first in class and then out there in the real world.




German with passion – is possible! 🙂 Languages: German natively English B2/C1 MBA in Wales/Great Britain. Extended language training visits in Switzerland, USA, Dubai. Certification as German Trainer

Who We Help

Our personalised 1:1 approach is geared towards career-oriented expats in German-speaking countries with busy schedules.

For Individuals

If you’re hoping to speak German with ease so you can better integrate into the local community, you’ll love our approach to fun and rapid language learning. The best way to see how it works? Book a free trial lesson and see for yourself how much progress you make in 30 minutes. Click below to learn more.

How Our Process Works

All of our classes are based on 1:1 personalised tutoring intensives. Rather than focusing on boring grammar drills, we’ll be prioritising speaking German in a fun, educational and natural way.