Are you struggling to speak in German? Once you start up a conversation, is it hard to keep it flowing?



Things could be different…



What if, instead of getting replies back in English every time you attempt to speak German with a local, you heard:

“Wow, your German is really good!”. How would that change your experience as an expat?


Never miss out

Would you be able to get the inside scoop on the best nightlife venues? Could you share gossip with your neighbor? Discover the favorite local delicacies in nearby grocery stores?

You could have more local friends than expat friends!

We want to help you understand AND be understood in German, so you can better connect with the local community … both inside and outside of work.

I started myGermanAcademy to help expats who are struggling to learn German using traditional methods like books, group classes, and audio courses.

The reality is, not only are these methods boring, but they are painfully slow and do not allow you to truly immerse yourself in a language, in a way that will allow you to connect with others in German.

Our proprietary teaching method, MyGA’s Guided Immersion Method, will allow you to gain confidence and fluency while speaking German.


We’ll work together one-on-one, for a personalized approach. And no, we won’t be pouring over textbooks or going over slides together! While you may get grammar handouts from time to time, it won’t be the focus of our learning effort.

This method has helped other expats like you overcome their obstacles in German.

For example, Sylvia was living in Austria for a few years and never spoke any German. After a couple of weeks into the program, she started speaking in complete sentences.

“Have you ever heard the phrase: “Life is too short to learn German”? Well that’s because they have not learnt with Claudia! Her classes are fun and engaging but also full of knowledge. When you finish your class, you realise how much you have learnt in just one hour. Her technique makes you learn grammar and rules in a very natural way. Try it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Claudia customises her classes to adapt not only to your needs, but also to the way you learn. Which means that she is great at balancing grammar, exercises and explanations in a fun and natural way. With her technique, she brings out the best in you and makes you enjoy German. Can’t recommend her enough!”

Silvia M.


Or there’s Emre, who struggled to get a job, despite great qualifications, because he couldn’t speak German. After working together, Emre is now employed by a German company.
“Because of Claudia’s help I was able to get a job at a German company! Her lessons really work. My German has improved so much since taking classes at myGA. I am now able to have fluent conversations which gives my German Ego a great boost. What is also great about the system at myGA is the time flexibility. I can almost always get an appointment at my preferred time. Also, she is great at following up on homework and makes sure you do it 🙂” Emre A.


Our Teaching Approach: myGA’s Guided Immersion Method


A Personalized Approach

Rather than forcing you to adapt to a pre-planned textbook, our program is very personalized and adapts to the need of each student.

Real-Life Experience

You’ll excel during lessons that combine real-world situations, authentic material, frequent homework and corrections, mini missions, numerous speaking exercises and follow-ups to previous work.

A Roadmap for Success

Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and objectives. Therefore, we start by auditing your existing level and developing a roadmap for your personal success in German.

Bonus Learning Materials

This program is complemented with bonus videos and cheat sheets to help make learning German simple, fun and effective.

How the process works

When working with us to improve your German, here’s what you can expect:

Step 1

First, you’ll schedule a free trial lesson, which lasts 30 minutes. During this time, we’ll evaluate your current skill level, go over your weaknesses and strengths, and discuss your language learning objectives.

Step 2

Then you’ll book your 1:1 sessions. You can purchase in bulk for a discount or buy single classes, whatever works best for you. Typically, we recommend at least 1-2 classes per week; infrequent lessons do not bring you the rapid advancement you desire.

For individual students, these lessons occur over Skype and can be done in the comfort of your own home. For corporations who have multiple students, these lessons can be done on-site.

Step 3

During your first lesson, we’ll create a roadmap for the actions required to reach your language learning goals. Next, we’ll get started by conversing in German, no matter what level you’re at.

Step 4

During each lesson, we will speak a lot of German together. (If you’re just a beginner, don’t get freaked out by this. I promise it’s less scary than it sounds.) We’ll cover many real-life topics, you have many “aha” moments, and we’ll go over grammar in a natural and approachable way.

Step 5

After each class, you’ll receive assigned homework via email. You can complete this anytime prior to the next class. During the next class, we’ll go over your homework, review any errors and discuss what was correct.

Step 6

After the first 8 lessons together, we’ll speak again about your goals, go over any changed requirements, and adjust your future lessons plans accordingly.

By following this process, you’ll start speaking and understanding German quicker than you ever thought possible.

You could decide to keep trying to learn German the way you have been…


Subpar Learning Environment

Attending impersonalized group classes after a long day of work, having difficulty concentrating and looking at the clock more often than the textbook.

Scripted Classes

Enrolling in one of the many automated online schools, which follow fixed scripts and don’t take into consideration your individual needs and goals, making for a lackluster learning experience.

Wasting Time

Searching for German language buddies online, who don’t have regular availability, quit suddenly due to lack of interest, and have no training in teaching someone a language (which often results in mistakes).

Collecting Stuff on Google

Googling free material, downloading it to your hard drive, only to never touch it again.

Or you could schedule a free trial lesson with us and experience myGA’s Guided Immersion Method for yourself.

See firsthand what 100s of our students have already discovered – quicker improvement in German thanks to a personalized approach and immediate feedback by a certified German tutor.

What are you waiting for?

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Frequently asked questions

How can I speed up my German learning process?
Try to speak a lot and don’t be afraid of making mistake. Listen to podcasts, read children books and for the quickest results, use our MyGA’s Guided Immersion Method™. What does this entail? Interacting with a qualified German tutor who goes through real-life situations with you and immediately gives feedback and corrections.
How long is it going take to see major improvement?
It really depends on the effort you put in and how much you already know (in German or related languages). We’ve seen major progress in as little as 3 months (very quick) to 8 months (learning while working).
How do I get the guide to becoming a better German speaker?
Subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll get the guide as a thank you 🙂
How can I pay?
Via credit card or using Paypal.
Are the classes really personalized?
Yes. We developed a method, not a fixed curriculum, which lets us adapt to your personal strengths and weaknesses. While we guarantee to cover everything you need to speak and understand German, we also guarantee that it won’t be “scripted”.
How much is it going to cost?
The more frequently you book classes, the quicker you will see a result. For details about pricing, please visit this page here. (If you are a corporation, please fill out this form to request a pricing proposal.)
How do I book a class or trial?
Click here to book a class or a trial. There, you’ll be able to book time directly in our calendar based on our availability.
What if I miss a class?
We get it, sometimes life happens. If something comes up, you are welcome to reschedule your class using our online booking system. Due to limited availability, we do require a 12-hour cancellation notice. Any classes cancelled within 12 hours will be charged in full.
“If your style of learning languages is through conversation, then Claudia is the right teacher for you. She keeps her classes fun and dynamic even while teaching you concepts of German grammar. In a short period, my knowledge of German vocabulary expanded greatly and I could finally feel the difference between Dativ and Akkusativ. All thanks to Claudia!” Sven B.


“German (relative to English) is very precise and the rules of the language are well defined. Attempting to speak German as a novice is challenging and often the native speaker will switch to English at the first sign of my struggling. However, since starting studying German with Claudia on a regular basis, I have learned to stop caring so much about being wrong. This really is the most valuable thing that can happen when learning a foreign language as it makes you speak more and once you start to speak, you improve – fast!

The sessions with Claudia just flow and time passes by quickly. I would definitely recommend myGA to anybody who wants to learn German in an uncomplicated and pleasant way.” Alex V.


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