German Grammar is often a struggling point for students new to the German language. But it gets a bad wrap undeservedly, mostly due to outdated and boring text books.


I interviewed Jan Richter yesterday (06. April 2017) on his two new books which want to shuffle things up a bit.

Jan Richter is the successful founder of Easy Deutsch, a company focusing on providing modern learning resources for German language students.

Jan Richter

He wrote a book on the German cases called “Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ oder Genitiv ? Kein Problem!!!” a while ago and because of its success he brought out a new volume focusing on all of German grammar in general.

In the interview we not only talk about the books, but also give some additional tips and hints. And in addition we make you an exclusive offer 🙂 Read on how to get it. Please note that I get commissions for purchases made through links on this post.

The Book on German Cases

The first book is about when and how to correctly use cases, especially Akkusativ and Dativ. Reading this book will make you understand the difference in a very short amount of time. The book is full of exercises to drive home the theory and make you get it at an intuitive level.

In the interview, Jan also gives valuable insights and tips on how to avoid making Dativ and Akkusativ case mix ups – he says that once you understand the system behind it (and there always is one with very few exceptions) you will be a cases whizzz-kid. With three “z”. Yes!

Here’s the link to buy the book (affiliate link – that’s 17 Euro minus 10% with the promocode below).

Click on “Kaufen” to get to the store page. If you click on “Buy” a new page will load where in the upper right hand corner below the price you can click on “Do you have a promocode?” and enter it.

The Grammar Book

In the second part of the interview Jan and I talk about his grammar overview called “Deutsche Grammatik – einfach erklärt”.. Whenever you have any question or doubt regarding German grammar – it is all in there.

I think this is one of the best German grammar books out there because it’s written from a student’s point of view. Instead of academic discussions you find real-world applicable rules, like why we German speakers use Konjunktiv I only at the hospital but not really anywhere else 🙂 (watch the video for further explanation!)

As a German teacher I am always looking for the best material out there. I have adopted Jan’s book for my lessons and my students love it.

Here’s the link to buy the book (affiliate link –  that’s 10 Euro minus 10% with the promocode below). To enter the promocode, follow the same procedure as described above for the cases book.

And now for the offer 🙂

Exclusive Offer and Money Back Guarantee

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And the best thing is: all of this comes at no risk to you – if you don’t like the book, Jan offers a 100% money back guarantee.
What are you waiting for – have a look at the video with Jan from EasyDeutsch and me and get your promocode (MYGA10).

Liebste Grüße,

P.S The Grammar Overview book is available in three languages: German, Englisch and Spanish!!!