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Local Prepositions

I would like to talk about local prepositions in this post. Whaaaat? Yes! You need local prepositions in order to express where you are, where you come from or where you want to go to. In German it is quite important to precisely describe your location. It is not...

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Find Jobs as an Expat in Germany

If you live as an expat in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, learning German will be very helpful to you if you want to find a job. There is site dedicated to helping expats find jobs (geared especially to Germany): Jobs in Germany - Go have a...

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The Fear of Speaking

….and why I tried to engage in a conversation with Woody Allen in Spanish Will making a lot of mistakes actually let you improve more quick? In a way, yes! Will trying to avoid mistakes make you stuck in your language learning process? Absolutely. Read on why - and...

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Website Content – About myGA

About myself and my team, I have been a certified German teacher for over fours years. Before that I was/ still am a salsa teacher and before that I worked in Switzerland in a Hotel Business School and before that I worked in Dubai in a Hotel. I love teaching German...

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Challenges of a German teacher!

Hi everybody! I have been thinking quite a lot about which challenges I face when teaching german to larger groups. I also talked to some of my colleagues and it seems like we are all facing more or less the same issues. At the moment I teach a class of 16 students on...

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German Articles

[Updated: 01.03.2017] A lot of German language learners find it very hard to memorize the articles as there are three possible genders that could go with each noun. Well yes, in German we use nouns for people, objects, things or ideas and usually these nouns are...

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