Exercises Level A1 + A2 German Grammar
written by Claudia Berghold

More than 250 pages

Exercises and Work Sheets

Practice German Grammar till perfection with over 400 entertaining exercises.

Lots of exercises

All grammar topics of level A1 and A2 are touched.

Answer Keys included

All exercises are completely solved – with explanations!

Very entertaining

We took special care to make the exercises very fun to solve.

You don’t  need a teacher, because all solutions are explained, for instance why an exercise needs accusative and not dative case.

Example Exercise:

Example Solution


I wrote this book during my stay in New York. I was sitting in a library in the Bronx for many hours pounding out page after page. Life is strange, right?

I distilled all my knowledge of 5 years of teaching A1 and A2 into this exercise book. Claudia Berghold

Author, myGermanAcademy.com

Nothing is more important than correct usage of grammar. With these exercises you can train your grammar skills and check with the help of the provided answer key if you are correct.

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Train German grammar with the exercises of myGermanAcademy! The exercises are perfect for self-learners, but also work great as a supplement to existing exercises from your German course!

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Understand German grammar, do not memorize!
Thanks to the explanations of the solutions, the EasyDeutsch exercise book will help you to understand German grammar!